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efficient with foresighted sewer system rehabilitation concepts
On June, 1st 2013 the migration of AQUA-Selekt 5.x / AQUA-WertMin 7.x to Access 2010 performed. From this version a program upgrade and a remote update of the dongle are required.


Selective Inspections with AQUA-Selekt 5.x (Access 2010)

With AQUA-Selekt saved 75 % CCTV-Cost with 20 % CCTV inspection sample with a respectable precision of 95% for the condition inspection and leak and rooth identification and reduce exfiltration and infiltration.
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neu!!! AQUA-Selekt v5.1.02-150101     Download full version now!

AQUA-Selekt v5.1.02-150101 Program manual
AQUA-Selekt v5.1.02-150101 Installation instructions


Strategic sewer rehabilitation planning with AQUA-WertMin 7.x (Access 2010)

The aging -, condition and rehabilitation prognosis model for the optimization of the trend of costs and the financial requirement.

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neu!!! AQUA-WertMin v7.3.01-150101     Download full version now!

AQUA-WertMin v7.3.01-150101 Program manual
AQUA-WertMin v7.3.01-150101 Installation instructions

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  "Examination Mineapolis"
An Examination of Methods for Condition Rating of Sewer Pipelines (473 KB)

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