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efficient with foresighted sewer system rehabilitation concepts

Selective Inspections with AQUA-Selekt 4.x

Program for the condition inspection and leakage identification of sewer systems and house connections with max. 20 % CCTV inspection sample. Thus, these results can be projected to the total network with a precision of 95 %. Developed and field-tested in bmb+f - research project "Development of a Generally Applicable Procedure for the Selective Initial Inspection of Sewers and House Connections" of the Federal Ministry of Education and Research from Germany. With AQUA-Selekt 4.x (MS-Access 2003 Program with a detailed operational Instructions) (see ordering and price list) can this new selective inspection strategy for the bmb+f - Research Selerin be implemented quickly and inexpensively. Successfully developed and tested at approx. 10,000 kilometers small, medium and large sewer networks and approx. 18,000 house connections in Germany. Further information see article download and product information.

AQUA-Selekt made it possible the condition inspection and leakage identification and sewer rehabilitation programmes to reduce exfiltration and infiltration for public sewers and house connections (private sewers). "On the Sewer Highway to Sucess with Sewer Forecast" AQUA-Selekt EN Presentation

Applications in Germany and Brisbane Australia.

Calculate your own cost comparison method (as pdf) between a conventional and a selective sewer first inspections (BMBF-research project Selerin).

The results (final report / action guidance) of the BMBF research project "selective primary inspection of sewers and domestic connection" can you download under "Veröffentlichungen / Berichte / 2002 / BMBF - Ideenwettbewerb, Kosten-, Preis- und Gebührensenkung".